the venue

hello everyone!

So, let’s talk wedding venue. Finding the right wedding venue has proved to be a lot more difficult than one can expect! Lets face it, most girls have a pret-ty good idea of their dream wedding long before they get engaged (what, was I the only one??). Anyway, so when it came to venue shopping I had a good idea of what I wanted. I was looking for your moden, warehouse kind of atmosphere. Something big and rustic. Well its easy to know what you want, but finding it is another story. In fact, I lie, I found the PERFECT venue! It was too perfect. It wasnt a wedding venue at all so when I emailed them and pitched my idea they were quite interested. Until they mentioned that they couldnt fully commit to my date and will advise closer to the time….excuse me? This is a wedding were talking about people! Venue is number one! I then also couldnt have my wedding on a Saturday. So it turned out not so perfect and decided I didnt want the unnecessary stress. I then asked if I could perhaps have my photos taken there….”sorry mam, we are not open for any kind of photography”. Its not the paprazzi! Just some wedding photos for private viewing. Moving along!

So the fiance and I decided to take a little trip through town and look at some possible venues. If I remember correctly, his exact words at the one venue were “if we dont leave now I am going to puke all over this place”. yeah, this was going great.

I decided to take my mom on the next trip. We had a look at a few hotels and restaurants but nothing really interested me. We decided on our plan B venue at the end of the day, which was Market restaurant ( Its such a stunning venue and we’ve been to a wedding there before, which was absolutely gorgeous! I was happy with the choice and started planning the wedding. Very soon, without realising it, our wedding just started snowballing into this big massive occassion. Costs were getting so high so quickly and next thing I knew, I was busy planning a wedding that I actually didnt want at all. This was freaking me out. One night I was tossing and turning and just couldnt sleep until it hit me. I jumped up from bed, realising that that didnt wake up the fiance. So I started with strategically loud *sighs*….hes awake….”oh sorry love, did I wake you?” (ehehehe). And offered him the choice of whether he wanted to hear my thoughts now or wait till the morning….he went with choice 1 (such a good fiance) so I started rambling on about my new concept to which I just got a slight murmur at the end.

So, at the end end of the day, we decided to have our wedding at The Berghouse and Cottages ( Now for any of you who havent been there before…do!yourself!a favour! Its the most divine setting with the most wonderful family as your hosts. We’ve both been there before and just fell inlove with it. I cant believe this wasnt my number one choice. You can’t help but feel relaxed when you are there. We will be having a whole wedding weekend away with our family and friends. How amazing.

Some snaps for our spot:


happy bride!


the tree we will be saying our vows under

IMG_6218 IMG_6219 IMG_6223


So at the end of the day, we ended up with a venue we never expected, and the type of wedding I didnt initially set out to plan. But I couldnt be more happier with our decisions and am just so excited for our big day!





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