The bush life

Hello beautiful people

The fiance and I have become avid bush lovers in the last couple of months! I’ve grown up going to the bush my whole life, but the fiance only recently discovered this love. Now, we try go away to the bush as much as possible!

Closest to my heart will always be Mpila as that is where we got engaged. Mpila is the heart of the Umfolozi game reserve. There are options between cottages or safari tents. Do yourself a favour and book the safari tents! They are terrifying! In an exciting way. The only fence erected is to keep elephants out, meaning, annnnyyythiiing else can enter! And do they enter. Don’t be scared of the hyenas, but do be alarmed. They will pay your little braai area a visit every single night, so keep a fine eye on that tjoppie of yours. We had bush pigs pay us a visit as well. Those are pretty vicious so be more weary of them than hyenas. Unless your midget, then you have big problems.

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In December we paid Mkuze a little visit with a group of friends. That was a completely different experience, but amazing nonetheless. December might not be the best time to go as it’s sweltering hot during the days. We stayed at the most southern point of the park, which made it a bit tricky in the sense that we had to drive at least a good hour to get to the part where it was more lively. But then again, animals roam where ever they please so you can never win. We hired out the whole lodge for ourselves, which comes with a chef and a guide. It sleeps 8 people. 4×2 sleepers. This camp has no fence which made it rather terrifying to walk back to your tent every night, which was quite a walk. Whoever designed these had a sick sense of humour.


spectacular view at our lodge with amazing people


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Our latest trip was back to Umfolozi, this time at Nselweni. My first impression wasn’t all that grand. It took me a good day to warm up to the place. Don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing. The accommodation is lovely. But it didn’t feel wild enough. Boy could I not have been more wrong! We had rhino, buffalo, hyena, and wild dog pay as a visit right at the campsite! We didn’t even have to leave the place at all. The best thing about it, is that it has a viewing deck stretched all the way out to the riverbed. We spent every morning there drinking our coffee, and every afternoon having our sundowners and we saw way more there than hours out in the park. Our first afternoon we spent watching a sneaky hyena try weasle his way across the riverbed towards the lodge, but with about 20 pairs of eyes on him, even I felt the pressure. So he made his way back to the bush, not to be seen again until the next evening. The next evening we enjoying ourselves a lovely little braai where out of nowhere, mr hyena took a leasurely stroll right past us, back into the bush. This place has no lights, besides for your cottage, so best you get out your best torch! I was the watchmen, safely at the top. We had a massive herd of buffalo take an afternoon walk down the riverbed. Some rhino that came to lap up the last few drops of water. And then the piece a la resistance! Wild dog kill, happen right in front of us. From start to finish!

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not bad for a 3 hour trip.