Sustainable living

Hello folks!

So there’s been a lot going on in my brain. Mostly wedding stuff. Of course. But even a bride needs a break from all that lace and frills!

I’ve been following a specific blog for quite some time now (the blog is no secret…click here for a little squizz) and find the blogger’s views and opinions very out there, but that’s what I enjoy the most about reading it. A real ef-you-in-the-face-if-you-dont-like-it attitude. When you start writing a blog, I find it quite easy to start steering my posts in the direction of the reader – will they like it? is that too harsh? what will the reader think? How will they judge me? Instead of just writing for yourself and what YOU think. So, this blog has gotten me to think a lot about our living habits. What we eat, how we prepare our food, how we treat other people, you know, hippie stuff. (i love them hippies) and more specifically on what we eat, and even mooooooore specifically…..meat. (for some reason that reminded me of the KFC advert: man man man. you know that one? haha).

I haven’t made a conscious decision to eat less meat or anything as such, but I have found it to be a natural progression. I find that, the less I eat meat, the less I like it, and the fiance shares the same sentiment. We often have braais – probably two a week and I always find myself eating all the sides and leaving the meat. I take one bite of it, and put it down. There’s just something about the texture. Grinding your teeth into flesh that I just find off putting. Especially chicken. Now, I’m an Afrikaans girl, a boere meisie, so meat has always been our staple diet. Meat, with a side dish of meat. My fiance always jokes that whenever my family has a braai, he calls it the MeatFest3000…hahah…and if I don’t bring a salad to said family braai’s, we will only be eating meat, and potato. This never use to bother me though. I loved braai’s and I loved meat. But just lately, we find ourselves with frozen chicken breasts and frozen mince lying in our freezer for months (partly because we always forget to take it out and defrost it) but mostly because we just don’t enjoy the taste of it. Forget Meat-free Mondays. Its Meat-Mondays and Meat-Free-Tuesday-to-Sundays.

I don’t think I can ever go full vegetarian, let alone, vegan. But I do believe we have a huge responsibility towards mother earth and the way we treat her and it’s time we open our eyes a bit to the damage we are causing. I’m sure most people have the Meat-free-Monday down to a T. So why not implement a Meat-free-Wednesday as well. Baby steps. But it makes the hugest difference in the grand scheme of things. I’m no angel. I still have braai’s and I still love me some pork rashers, but the fiance and I have become a lot more aware of these habits of ours, specially me, and even the smallest of change will make the hugest of difference.

Have a look at this website and see how many of the products you use are on there….


Little Cafe

Hello fellow humans!

So let’s have a quick chat about Freedom Cafe: Freedom Cafe is this little local cafe, tucked away in the middle of nowhere, where you would never find it. Just how I like them 🙂 They often have really quirky events on the odd Friday. One of my favourites was their Bubble Dog event. It’s based on a restaurant in London (click the link and read more about it).


But now, our last couple of interactions with Freedom Cafe hasn’t been all that pleasant. I won’t go into details but let’s just say, you don’t dare mention the word without hearing a few spitting noises in the back from the fiance. But deep down in my little heart I knew I had to give them another chance because it really is the raddest little place. So Saturday morning we decided to go out for a little brekkie, and I gently suggested that we give them another try. I had to really put up a fight to convince the fiance to give them one more chance. And I knew that if they were shit, then that’s it. Freedom Cafe will never ever ever ever see our faces again. PRESSURE! (totally rating ourselves as customers here)

So off we went…first off the cuppacinos were amaaazing (so amazing, that I went back the next day for another round)…we’re off to a good start people!


sausie dog biscuit totally sealed the deal



Next was was the deal clencher. I ordered the french toast with bacon and honey, and he ordered your humble ol avo on toast…well, nothing humble about this plate!


avo on toast


salt and pepper shaker.

I kept a sneaky eye on the fiance as he ate his breakfast, and the verdict at the end of the day: “yes ok, we can come back again. it was allright”…REDEMPTION!!

Go and have their amazing cuppacinos with even more amazing cakes and food! And you might even see us there, all the time.