The Hatchery

Husband and I started the new year relaxing in awesome pools, sipping on delicious gin and tonics whilst the sun was beaming down on our pasty white warm skins. It was the best way to say hello to a new year.

We took about an hour and a half drive to a little gem called The Hatchery up the north coast. Its right by The Prawn Shack, which sadly no longer really exists. We took a drive there to have some drinks on the beach but this no longer seems to be an option. At least husband got to take our little toy Jimny on a bit of offroading and managed to cake up quite a bit of mud on the car. (his highlight of the trip FYI). The Hatchery is rustic, but with a lot of quirk to it. You can spend hours wondering their  farm discovering little hidden gems all over the place. From chill lounges, to view points, to abandoned homes, old beautiful doors, and the list goes on. Its completely self catering with no option of purchasing any goodies there, but the nearest shop isnt’ far if you forgot anything.

We chose the room with the best view (pump house) which looks out right onto the river which also had its own tiny little pool – not exclusively ours i must sadly admit. This trip was all about relaxing and doing as little as possible – in fact the most we did was row across the river to the other side, and back. And that was enough. Back to the pools!

When we left we decided to take a drive into Eshowe to the George Hotel for some yummy Zululand beer and Italian pizza but sadly they no longer serve lunch and the bar was closed (insert the saddest face ever). So we took a walk around and then, well just left.

Enjoy the pics!

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