The Wedding

So, the big day has come and gone and what a big day it was. I mean, fine it was our wedding so of course we will love it, but seriously, our wedding was awesome. I don’t even know where to begin this post!


courtesy of Luca Photography

I took two weeks off from work before the wedding to wrap up any last minute details. I don’t know what I’ve been doing the last year but there seemed to have been an excessive amount of last minute details. We decided the day before we are set to leave to the venue that the ‘now-husband’ and I needed our own little special place to sit which meant we had to quickly make new blankets, table runners, get candles and flowers for us, and to our surprise, had personalised wine glasses. It was a great idea because walking into your venue, you definitely need that spot to head to and not walk around aimlessly, looking for a spot to sit. We didn’t want the traditional main table setting, because our main focus for the wedding was for everyone to be as comfortable as possible and to just have a good time. Sit where you wanted, with who you wanted.



The week before the wedding I contacted all our suppliers just to touch base with all our orders and collections. I’ve ordered these really amazing hanging lightbulbs which I’ve searched the earth for! I needed their address to collect these lightbulbs and again, the day before we are set leave, found out that the supplier is based in cape town!! I immediately contacted them and they were absolutely amazing! They arranged everything to get the lights to me the following day. It arrived nice and early the following morning. I could have set a new trend though : Wedding in the Dark. Let the mystery unfold. It could totally work.

12244290_1040800125941200_9080230528573045821_o - Copy

Friday was set up day as most of the wedding stuff was brought up by family members. We had such terrible winds (40 knots) that we pretty much couldn’t set up anything. Panic. We managed to get the tent up and all the lights up, which I guess, is the hard part.


My bridesmaids were amazing. They completely took control of everything and made everything just work. All the flowers were vased, all the food was packed. the bar sign was put up. candle baulbs were hung up in the tree. They took over everything, which gave me the opportunity to welcome guests as they arrived.






The Friday night we had a braai with all the guests, just to welcome them and have everyone mingle a bit. I won’t lie, i was completely exhausted by then and sneakily snuck off to bed early in the night. It was a great opportunity for guests who didn’t know many people to mingle a bit and chat.

‘now-husband’ and I stayed in the same cottage that night, which I think is actually a really nice idea. We hardly saw each other that day because we were sooo busy putting everything together and making sure the guests that arrived are settled in that we didn’t get to check in with each other once. So by the time we got to bed, we just had a nice quiet time together before the big day, checking in with each other to see how the other one is doing. We are both feeling the same emotions, which means we completely understand how the other one is feeling and it’s easy to talk to each other then.

Getting ready was amazing. We had such perfect weather. The sun was shining, everyone was feeling happy and relaxed. I went up to the tent early in the morning to finish up all the setting up, and by the time I got there, the girls have completely set everything up! I’m telling you, I have the best friends. We all got ready in our cottage. We had music playing, champagne was flowing and we had some yummy snacks. The hair and make up ladies couldn’t believe how relaxed and chilled out we were. We had such a lovely time getting ready. Everyone was painting everyone’s nails (including the hairdresser) and just having some good ol girl time.


I couldn’t wait to be in my dress. I’ve been waiting to wear it for so long. I just loved my dress! There was no sexy lingerie with this one though. With my dress being backless, I had to use some special tools to keep them boobies in tact, I literally looked like I had surgery done to them. It was a mess. But the trick worked!


Driving up to the ceremony, the excitement really burst. As soon as I saw my dad and my brother, we all just burst into tears. It’s such an extremely emotional time and I couldn’t wait to see ‘now-husband’!







The ceremony went so quick and our Reverend was super sweet. I can most certainly highly recommend him for anyone getting married up in the mountains.

So the wedding itself was quite crazy and out of control, but what can one expect with free alcohol. We had little monkeys climbing the tent pole (im looking at you Gareth Warrington) – one rule! only one! I’m not really sure what happened, but things went from 1 to 10000000000 really, really quickly. Ripping shirts off, torpedo bombing tables, pole dancing, worm dancing, breakdancing, you name it, we had it. Even a little pony. We had ponies people.




My favourite part was our impromptu, spur of the moment, first dance. Yes, we never got to planning our first dance and after a stern whisper in my ear by our dear friend, and super awesome photographer Luca, we quickly got on it. We danced and danced and danced and when we ran out of moves, we just stood still, embraced each other, and had all our friends dancing in a big circle around us. It was so magical.


Later in the evening we had the ever so famous bunny chows come out. however, it never made it out the kitchen because everyone got sniff of it and just started tucking in, straight out of the pot. I may have instigated this. I spent about two hours at the pot, chatting away and feeding all our guests. Such a good host. The party ended at about 3 in the morning. We snuck off much earlier though as we had an early morning.

When we got to the tent the next morning, I was horrified. I couldn’t believe the mess. I mean, it was like a pack of wild racoons got hold of the place. It was insane. Sure sign of a good party, I say.

We quickly packed everything up, hardly got to say any good byes, and rushed off to the airport, for our epic two week italian honeymoon!

And just like that, the best day ever, was over. But I get to enjoy the best part of it, my whole life – my ‘now-husband’.



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