Dress Shopping

You guys! Let me just tell you that going wedding dress shopping is super fun. In fact, I would like to make a career out of it…..mental note….

So as most wedding-obsessed girls I knew exactly what my dress would look like. I had the picture and fabric swatch READY! Until…..I went dress shopping. Durban has surprized me with the quality and stunning dresses on offer and I have most definitely changed my mind on what I wanted! I rounded up my all my girls and hit the streets! I definitely recommend booking a fitting first with your chosen stores.


my beautiful bridesmaids

The first store we went to was Sposabella (http://www.sposabellakzn.co.za/contentpage.aspx?pageid=6090). What a lovely experience. The staff there are so friendly and so patient! I mustve tried on about 10 dresses (some stores limit you to only 4-5 dresses). The assistant just carried on smiling, squeezing my size 12 body into a size 8 dress (the dress was really pretty ok) and making me feel like that skinny bitch I aspire to become. I was, however, terrified of ripping said dress and quickly waddled my way back to the changing room to get that thing off me! There were so many dresses to choose from my brain felt like exploding! Having said that, the dresses look very different when its on the mannequin but once you put them on, they do tend to look similar as its easy to miss those finer details that set them apart. I am dyyiiing to post some pics of the dresses I had tried on, but the fiance gave strict instructions that he didnt want to see me in anything weddingy before the big day.

The next shop we went to was the fabric shop on Musgrave Road. In terms of wedding dresses, I couldnt pick a single dress I wanted to try on but in terms of their fabric! Oh glory do they have beautiful fabric. In fact, I went back there and bought the fabric for my dress there.

The next and final store was Bride & Co in Umhlanga (http://www.brideandco.co.za/). What I liked most about this store was that it was big and spacious and more than one bride could take a little look around at all the beautiful dresses.


at Bride & Co

There was a huge variety of dresses and I had a lot of fun trying on dresses I usually wouldn’t. They have a strict no-photos policy which is quite understandable but when you see some of those dresses you just need to take a dam photo! My mom and maid of honour went into full on CIA stealth mode and managed to take a million photos of me in a particular dress which I absolutely loved. They made me proud.

Afterwards we went for much needed drinks at Lucky Shakers (http://luckyshaker.com/). If you havent been to lucky shakers you better get your ass over there! Every week they buy fresh veggies, and make all their own mixes for the week, so everything is fresh and organic. It definitely tastes it as well.


beautiful mama


So all in all it was a very successful day. I have THE dress and its already in the making. My lovely mother will be making my dress with the help of a professional seamstress.


dress in the making!

Fingers crossed it all works out!


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