the engagement!

So as mentioned before, I am in my early days of planning our wedding. We got engaged 29 August 2014 on a weekend away in the bush.


the ring from Dearrae. Grey diamond set in Yellow gold


the happy couple!

We got engaged at Mpila Camp ( It was not expected at all as we have booked to go away that weekend about 5 months prior to that.

I had this whole teasing joke with the fiance about a very expensive bottle of wine which his brother gave to us as a gift. At the back of this bottle it had a timeline graph of when the optimum usage is. So from 2014 onwards was the best time to consume this wine. I had then started teasing him that that bottle can only be drunk on one special occasion and it wasnt his 30th! (he turned 30 in 2014). It became a whole joke with the family. He didnt appreciate it.

For two weeks before our weekend away he had been plotting with our whole family behind my back, trying to get the perfect ring! I had no idea everyone was in on it!

So when the big moment arrived, I was sitting, wrapped up in a cozy blanket around the fire drinking some wine. When it was time to refill my glass, he politely offered to fill it for me. I didnt think anything of the fact that he went into our tent to fill my glass and not the kitchen. Next thing he stood in front of me, showing me the bottle of wine, saying “I think you know what this means”. Before I could register what was going on he was down on one knee and asked me to marry him. And then the typical happened, snot en trane! It took me a moment to say yes.

But I have to admit, going from girlfriend to fiance is a super strange feeling! We both felt really weird about it. In a good way of course. The next day we were out on the road in the game reserve for a good 8 hours, and I think we spoke about 50 words to each other the whole day! We were both quite freaked out by this new state of affairs. But it was nice that we both felt exactly the same. So grown up!

That feeling wore off by the next day and I couldnt wait to talk wedding for the next 4 hours on the drive back with just the two of us! haha. He loved that.


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