Husband and I finally did the big pass! I’ve been wanting to do Sani Pass for as long as I can remember. I never thought it was a big deal. I’ve heard people saying that you can take a normal car up there etc, and to be honest, I wasn’t expecting much, but knew that this was one of those bucket list items I just had to tick off. In true form, we left this to the very last minute and even on the morning that we left, we still couldn’t decide if we wanted to camp or not, meaning we haven’t even booked accommodation yet. But you know, that’s how we roll. We ended up staying in the cutest little cottage called The Shed in Underberg. We eventually got going and made our way to the pass.

There was a bit of roadwork happening at the bottom of Sani Pass and we couldn’t help but wonder if this was the beginning stages of them wanting to tar sani pass. There’s been talk about it for years and I wonder if they will ever go through with it. Now that we’ve done Sani Pass I must say it will be a huge tragedy if they did. Let me just say, Sani Pass is quite a mountain to manoeuvre over and it has certainly gained my respect.

My mind was blown. That pass was no joke and you most certainly can NOT traverse it with a normal vehicle. We had to quickly switch our little toy over into 4×4 mode and for the next 2 hours, had the most fun ever trotting our way slowly but surely over this gigantic mountain! We dodged massive potholes, crossed rivers, walked our way over stones, climbed some heavy rocky sections, slowly creeped up the switchbacks and finally arrived at the top! (quick side note, you definitely need your passport, and carry cash because you need to pay “toll” at the lesotho border). We had some delicious lunch, drank some Malutis, chatted to a few people and soaked up all the beauty before making our way back down again.

Sani, it will be a tragedy indeed if they decide to tar you. All adventure will be lost and that Lesotho Magic will sadly be no more.IMG_5053 (Copy)IMG_5052 (Copy)IMG_5051 (Copy)IMG_5050 (Copy)IMG_5045 (Copy)IMG_5044 (Copy)IMG_5043 (Copy)IMG_5040 (Copy)IMG_5035 (Copy)IMG_5039 (Copy)IMG_5037 (Copy)IMG_5034 (Copy)IMG_5030 (Copy)IMG_5029 (Copy)IMG_5027 (Copy)IMG_5020 (Copy)IMG_5019 (Copy)IMG_5018 (Copy)IMG_5017 (Copy)IMG_5016 (Copy)IMG_5006 (Copy)IMG_5049IMG_5005 (Copy)IMG_5004 (Copy)