Minimalism Project

So last night I was having a lazy moment after my little 2km run I managed to work in and stumbled upon this Minimalism Challenge on the Midlands Musings blog I follow (go give it a whirl):


Ok so I’m a day late, but I feel like you shouldn’t restrict your day to days of the calendar etc and a challenge like this is actually suppose to inspire a slight change in lifestyle, and one should feel free to start this any day. Some people might call that procrastination. potato-po-tato.

You can go read a little more about it over here.

If you decide to do it, don’t stress if you aren’t able to complete each goal daily. This is not a test and shouldn’t feel like it. It should inspire you. So have a read through it, and start. You don’t have to do it in order. Print it out and stick this bad boy on the first thing you see every morning.

If this challenge helps you to instill one of these goals in your life then I say “GREAT SUCCESS!”.