So our second year wedding anniversary has come, and sadly gone again. Husband and I go away every year for our anniversary instead of buying gifts. Traveling is our thing you know. So this year we decided to head up north to the Drakensberg for some fun in the mountains. Hermittswood is quite a tricky place to find as its completely off the grid – in other words no electricity. We struggled to make a booking as they have no website, facebook page, etc. so we decided to just pack our little jimny, drive all the way there, and hope they had a spot for us. Now in true fashion when it comes to our traveling trips and our infamously bad luck when it comes to traveling, we had some jimny problems before we headed out on our adventure. In fact we had quite a late start as we decided to do all our shopping the morning that we left, only to be left stranded outside our local Spar due to the ol Jimny not wanting to start. We soon realised that it wasn’t the battery, but thought maybe we had ran out of petrol? We tried for about half an hour to get this thing started and then out of nowhere, it started. Now we were faced with the dilemma of do we risk it and just still go to the berg, or do we book the jimny in like responsible adults and get it checked out, after all, we haven’t paid for the trip yet so we could still cancel. So we decided, like the responsible adults that we are, to just wing it and hope for the best and took the jimny into the mountains! In our defense, we did do some extensive googling which provided us with a few reasons that it wouldn’t start, accompanied with some solutions. Well one of these solutions worked so we decided that that was good enough. The jimny started fine after that for the rest of the trip, until it was time for us to leave again. Luckily a little push start helped to get her fired up again. In the end we did actually take the Jimny in to get it checked out and turns out the starter motor was caked with mud from taking it off road, which was causing it to rust. So all you offroaders out there, be sure to get your engine etc washed after trips!

Anyway, back to Hermittswood. So we arrived and turns out they had plenty of space for us to camp. yay! This place is a hiker’s paradise. In fact, there were loads of day visitors simply going there to hike. It was absolutely breath taking there! Sadly though it was scorching hot and husband and I were not kitted out to go hiking in such extreme heat, so we just chilled out by the beautiful natural rock pools all day! Enjoy!



Our campsite wasnt too shabby either




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