CAPE TOWN-WEST COAST: roadtrip part 2

We finally arrived in the Mother City after a long, but pleasant drive from Knysna.


IMG_0999 (Copy).JPG

Our amazing friends were kind enough to open their house to two very smelly, very tired travellers. A soft bed was a welcome treat after camping for over a week! We arrived at their place with as much excitement as a 5 year old at Christmas! Of course, drinks got cracked open and we had a much needed catch up! We eventually headed out to Jerry’s which is a super delicious burger bar in Blaauwberg (there’s a few apparently) and before I knew it the tequila’s started flowing and who knew you could head bang to Enya!

The next morning we woke up feeling a bit rough but luckily it was a cold stormy day so a slow relaxing day was on the cards! We headed out to Melkbos and spent the morning there exploring and, of course, eating.

IMG_1004 (Copy)

IMG_1007 (Copy)

IMG_2979 (Copy)


That evening it was Lumineers time! The purpose of our whole trip! Before the show we headed out to Fat Cactus for a quick bite to eat (and more tequilas).

IMG_1013 (Copy)

IMG_1011 (Copy)

IMG_1021 (Copy)



For a chilled band, they put on a spectacular performance! Husband wasn’t really ever a big fan of their music, but even he loved it and has a new found appreciation for their music. One part which was hilarious were these three cape coloured guys next to us, dressed like real gangsters, singing every word to every song with almost more passion than the band itself! It was hilarious to watch.

The next day was the public holiday so we ventured out to The Spice Route which is where the CBC brewery is and enjoyed a lovely day of beer tasting and more eating! This place has about 5 different little businesses from the beer tasting, to grappa tasting, to chocolate pairing, an ice cream parlour and a delicious german / pizza restaurant, for you to enjoy!

IMG_1026 (Copy).JPG

IMG_1027 (Copy).JPG

IMG_1030 (Copy)

IMG_1046 (Copy).JPG

IMG_3006 (Copy).JPG

IMG_3009 (Copy)

IMG_3011 (Copy)

IMG_3014 (Copy)

Im not exactly a beer drinker (as shown above) but the guys are so knowledgeble about the industry etc that it makes the whole experience so worth it. And for R40 each, why the hell not! We headed down to the restaurant and enjoyed some delicious pizzas!

IMG_1042 (Copy)

IMG_1037 (Copy)

IMG_3005 (Copy)

IMG_1035 (Copy).JPG

After such an amazing day we headed out to Blue Peter to enjoy a magnificent sunset over a bottle of wine. This place is clearly the hub of the little town as all the local residents grabbed their blankets from home and headed down to enjoy the sunset with a live band jamming away in the background. Perfect end to the perfect day.

IMG_3027 (Copy).JPG

IMG_3033 (Copy).JPG

IMG_3028 (Copy)

IMG_3034 (Copy)

The next day we headed out to the Boschendal wine farm and this is officially where Husband and I learned to drink white wine! Two bottles later in fact. At Boschendal they offer picnic packages: we opted for the Werf Picnic which is basically spreading yourself out on the most beautiful lawns drinking delicious wine and snacking away on even more delicious food! This place is totally worth it!!

IMG_1053 (Copy).JPG

IMG_1057 (Copy).JPG

IMG_1062 (Copy).JPG

IMG_3046 (Copy).JPG


IMG_1059 (Copy).JPG

IMG_1067 (Copy).JPG

IMG_1068 (Copy).JPG


I mean, you get the picture right!

Now if sitting on the lawn is not your style, they have a lovely restaurant area as well where you get to enjoy their delicious treats! Do yourself a favour and go there! Also, buy their Karoo olive oil – it’s the closest oil we’ve tasted to the olive oil we’ve had in Italy! At the back of the entrance they have a gigantic veggie garden where all their ingredients get grown, plus, they sell it at the little deli! I should become their marketing agent.



By now, Cape Town has taken most of our energy up and it was time for us to move on to our next destination; Paternoster!

It was a terribly windy drive to Paternoster as the road is just straight and narrow but luckily this is a quick drive from Cape Town and we arrived in Paternoster in no time! We stayed at a truly amazing place called Sea Shack. What we liked about this place is that it’s just outside Paternoster town, and more closer to Tietiesbaai, which is far more quiet and peaceful. We didn’t realise how mixed the town was between the locals and all the tourist attractions, which brings a bit of charm to the place i think.



IMG_1106 (Copy).JPG

IMG_1108 (Copy)

IMG_1107 (Copy).JPG

IMG_1117 (Copy).JPG

IMG_1116 (Copy).JPG

The town is small but there’s loads to do! We parked the car off and decided to take a walk through the town and visit all of the little shops. We came across a little shop called Jams en Pantoffels where the owner of the shop treated us to a delicious honey tasting! From smoked honey, to coffee honey, to eucalyptus honey, you name it. We walked away with the eucalyptus honey from Swartland. It tastes world apart from the honey that we get in the shops. That’s what I loved most about our trip – the food. People have such passion with their food and what a difference it is from the food we get back home from our ‘local’ shops. We are missing out on the good life, I tell you. There are loads of restaurants to eat at, but do yourself a favour and walk down to the beach and grab a fish and chips from the little take-away container down at the bottom. Apparently, the best you will ever have! We grabbed a yummy pizza at the local pizza restaurant where they had their local band playing us some old Afrikaans folk music. It was hilarious and so much fun to watch, that even the Husband started speaking Afrikaans without even realising it! We spent most of our time at Sea Shack because with a view like that, how could you not!





We made a fire every night in the huge boma where you get to meet all the other guests and hear all their stories. We met a really awesome couple that lives in Wellington and they gave us such amazing tips of which wine farms to try out on the next leg of our trip. We tried almost every single one of their list and it did not disappoint! Thank you Lize and Daniel!

IMG_3127 (Copy).JPG

IMG_3128 (Copy)

IMG_3140 (Copy)

IMG_3142 (Copy)

IMG_3156 (Copy)

Next stop: KAROO!!  Part 3 of our trip.


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