I dont eat meat

There. I said it. Bring on the haters. Finger pointers. Know it alls. I’ve had a few of those. Not too many, and not too hectic. Most people are really intrigued by this, and mostly want to know: why?

Good question.

The reason: Raw Chicken. Really really raw, sloppy, watery chicken.

The husband and I went to one of our favourite, after work, establishments, for a quick bite to eat. I’m not going to name and shame as I still believe their a pretty good restaurant, they just had a really bad day. With chicken. I took a bite and immediately my taste buds went into a rage of disgust and confusion. And that was it. Every time I’ve tried eating meat after that, I just couldn’t handle the taste. I decided to just listen to my body. No other reason. It had nothing to do with morals or ethics or saving the planet (although I’m a huge cheerleader on all those topics), but simply, listening to my body. My body was clearly rejection this lump of flesh and I thought, let me take a break from meat. And that’s how I’ve been seeing it. Taking a break from meat. Don’t call me a vegetarian. It’s so limiting. When my body tells me that I want to eat that pork sausage, I will have a bite of that pork sausage. It all forms part of listening to my body. So I take a bite. Then have a stern word with my body for deceiving me as every time I have that bite, I either end up spitting out that meat, or have a really sore tummy.

I’m on five months now of no eating meat. I do miss it sometimes. Of course. Who can resist fresh beef burgers or delicious home made chicken schnitzels. What really helps is the support. Husband has been amazing. He eats everything I eat, during the week. All veggies. He’s  been very considerate when we go to social gatherings as well. It definitely makes this journey easier when you have that kind of support.

This has been a very natural progression for me, which I think makes it a whole lot easier. I didn’t wake up one day and decide, that’s it. Meats the devil. I think that’s a whole lot of unnecessary pressure that no one needs to deal with. And the more focus you put on it, the harder it is to deal with. Taking a break from meat. That’s all.



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