A lesson learnt in Yoga

8 Morrison street is a hip and happening hub in Durban. Loads of events get held there, they hire out office pods and are just always busy cooking up something. The latest is their Yoga in the City. Every Wednesday night, they have a brilliant yoga instructor, give us an hour long session, for FREE. Now for anyone that knows, i love yoga. I feel that people have such a warped perception of yoga. It’s not all hippies, eating grass and swaying arms around all day. It’s a genuine work out, that makes you feel amazing, that’s honestly good for the mind and body. I always leave yoga feeling refreshed, positive and extremely stiff the next day.

Now, yoga is a practice for yourself. You are there with your own intentions and reasons. But for some reason, with yesterday’s practice, I felt my ego trying to take over. I’m not great at yoga. I have no hamstrings which means i have zero flexibility. Zero arm strength, and just a general lack of panache and poise. But that’s ok. I know this about me, and I don’t let it stop me. But with yesterday’s class, I definitely felt intimidated. The rest of the class all looked like a bunch of gym bunnies and somehow, I ended up right in the front of the class. All eyes on me. I felt so self-conscious. Everyone is going to look at me and see how I suck. I was also there by myself, something I’m generally very comfortable with, but last night it felt like I was walking into a huge house party by myself where I knew no one. And this eventually annoyed me. Since when do I care what strangers think of me. They probably don’t even know I’m there. Eventually, I shrugged off these ridiculous feelings and started to relax, feel in the zone. And once the practice started, I realised that some of them were just as inflexible as me. In fact, the little girl next to me was quite a hoot to watch out the corner of my eye because she had no idea what was going on. But I left there feeling great. Which is what yoga does. I felt completely different leaving there, than what I did when I arrived. And that’s what I love about yoga, and why I want to keep doing it as much as possible. It makes you forget about your stupid ego. It really bothered me that I felt the way I did, and felt that I had to write about it, to put it in perspective.


image from Etsy Clarafornia


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