Let’s talk business

With the wedding, we pretty much made and bought everything ourselves. There were very few items that we hired. Now, with the wedding over and done with, we are sitting with a lot of these items still. So, instead of them just lying around going to waste, the mom and I have decided to try make a little business out of it. Either, we cater full picnic parties for you, or we hire out our items. Simple.

When I planned our wedding I was disappointed in how little picnic items were available to hire in Durban. There are lovely websites out there to hire from, but mostly in Cape Town. I would’ve loved to not have to stitch 91 pillow cases and 21 blankets. But I did. And they are mine to keep forever. So why not get a little something in return for all my sweat and tears (I’m exaggerating, it was more sweat and wine).

Most of you know that I had a picnic wedding and it was a massive success and we received very positive feedback.

To give you an idea of what one of our picnics look like:




So if any of you are interested in having a little picnic party, be it for your little ones, with the girls, a romantic one with you and your partner, give us a shout. We cater for all needs.

For further details, hop over to our website : Picnickity Picnics or Facebook page. Or follow us on Instagram and Pinterest.



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