wake up

so, this is another wedding post, because, well, my whole life is just wedding now with less than a month to go.

I’ve realised, that with all the time in the world to plan your wedding, there will always be drama. no matter how prepared you are, and got everything covered, there will always be outside forces that infiltrate your life, and become drama. drama that isn’t even your drama, but suddenly becomes all the drama in your life. that’s a lot of drama in that sentence, and that doesn’t even cover all the drama that can go on.

so we’ve been hit with a lot of crap in one day which is completely out of our control and totally unexpected. the fiance and i got every emotional. angry. but at the end of the day, we actually realised that everyone has their own troubles that they go through that we don’t know about. our whole life is the wedding right now so that’s all we are accutely focused on. but for everyone else, life goes on. and we kind of lost track of that. there are lots of factors that are out of our control and the frustration of that can completely consume you. you always hear about all the drama when it comes to wedding planning, but from a planning perspective, it was smooth sailing for us. but there’s always the human element and with the human element, nothing is perfect. you forget about the stress that outside forces bring in.

so at the end of day, we told ourselves, that everything will work out. because it has to. situations cant always be ideal, but you deal with it. and theres a much bigger world out there, than our wedding.



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