the final countdown!

So today marks our one month to go countdown! I remember seeing a friend’s post on facebook whose also a bride, stating her one month countdown. i remember feeling so excited for her and thinking that our big day is still so far, i cant imagine how i would feel with one month to go. well, that time is here now. i think im so distracted and overwhelmed by all the things that it might take a day or two to sink in. so today im still feeling chilled. and a bit stressed still. but i can feel the excitement slowly creeping up. im so ready to celebrate this day.

we are making our last and final trip up to the venue this weekend to wrap up any final arrangements. its do or die now! theres loads of final things to finish up so i think i will feel much more at ease after this weekend. im also getting my trials done which im a bit nervous for actually. but i will have my beautiful maid of honour with me to calm any nerves. and miss molly champagne. you can always rely on ol molly. but im also excited. my emotions are a bit of a mess actually. i think its this headache im fighting.

im off to buy all our alcohol this week. im not sure if its going to last until the wedding…haha.


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