tiny update from my messy brain

hello all!

ive been neglecting my little blog. its been on my mind but my brain has been a mess and couldnt quite pin point a particular thought i felt like writing about.

wedding vibes are in full swing with just over a month to go. it’s strange how you have everything covered and under control but as soon as you hit that one-month-to-go mark you just panic. about nothing particularly. its just a natural reaction i guess. must.panic.

so up to date, project becomingaskinnybitch was an absolute disaster. who wants to eat lettuce and shit when planning a wedding with all that stress! bring the wine and cupcakes. i say cupcakes because we had a little girls get together and without proper communication, we all ended up bringing cupcakes. it was a beautiful thing. except that i woke up the next day still feeling sick from all the cupcakes i ate…it was worth it.

fiance is busy planning our honeymoon which is a total surprize to me!! im soooo excited that i dont know where we going. i think it makes the experience so much more special. i think i might actually do a post on how to do this because its been taking him months to organise and hes done such an amazing job! so we’re off to the consulate tomorrow to sort out my visa. now in order to keep this a secret i would have to be blindfolded….i say i should just wear sunglasses with an eye patch or something and say ive had eye surgery…..totally plausible. or just wear sunglasses with little paper cut outs stuck to the inside so that i still have some vision….i totally would.

we took a lovely drive up to nottingham brewery on saturday to go taste some yummy beers for the wedding! so our guests can expect some delicious craft beers to enjoy! i packed us some padkos and just as well because we did NOT realise how far it was! we thought it was much closer but was actually so worth the trip. so do make the effort to go check it out!



we have a crazy busy month ahead of us! from making a trip up to the berg one last time before the big day to world cup rugby shenanigans to my 30th birthday party, and of course the bachelorette parties! so much happening!

i will try my best to keep you all posted 🙂

also, ive been making some sneaky life style changes so more on that when im ready! in other words, after the wedding when normal life has settled in again.


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