Hi all!

So with all the wedding planning and life happening around me, at some point I actually need to start taking this project-becoming-a-skinnybitch serious. It’s been really tough. Wedding planning is starting to weigh me down a bit and I’m just feeling exhausted. And the thought of now squeezing myself into some sexy ski-pants every afternoon is just too much to handle. But, what bride doesn’t lose weight for her wedding?? I mean, if you not going to make an effort to lose weight for your own wedding day then there seriously is NO hope for you. I can’t be that person. I mean I could. But let’s try not to.

So i’ve started off by doing a lot of running. Specially trail running. Man, that is just the best kind of running. Free in the wild, running through the bushes. It’s so liberating. I’ve also done some cycling. As amazing as all those activities are, I feel like they just become too much admin and time. Having to get up, get dressed and drive somewhere to work out for about 2 hours, drive back, shower, pass out, wake up and actually go somewhere. it became a whole morning thing. I needed something quicker and easier.

So along came Kayla. Now I’m pretty sure most of you girls have heard of her. If not, you may be living under a tiny rock, at least in the fitness world. This girl is like the fitness natzi.


image courtesy of kayla itsines blog

These are 2x 7 minute circuits which you do twice. So overall, about 30mins of workout three times a week, in the comfort of your own home. Now I know most of us have done a fair amount of home workouts. Personally I never really felt like they worked much. I didn’t have a routine so I didn’t quite know what I was doing. With Kayla, there is a routine. You know exactly what to do on what day. And let me tell you, this shit works. I’ve never been this sore from any other form of exercise.

I have taken my before photo and am planning on taking the after photo after week 4 or 5. It’s very important to take these as you really don’t notice the difference until you put those two photos next to each other. Don’t take the number on the scale too serious. Remember, muscle weighs more than fat and i’ve actually put on a kg or two but i am feeling so much better so that number on the scale doesn’t worry me too much. Diet is key however. Don’t think you can now indulge in all the chocolates of the lands! Living a healthier lifestyle and just cutting one or two bad habits out every few months is way more sustainable than following a diet! You start with cutting that one bad habit out. Mine is sugar and bread. I’m winning with the sugar part but not so much the bread part, but i’m definitely getting better. This is much easier to do than going cold turkey on a full on diet. They are just not sustainable.

So this is my last hope. If this doesn’t work then there really is no more hope left for me.

Watch this space!


2 thoughts on “fitness

  1. chaneljpiccione says:

    Nice Tin!! We have been doing her programme for a while now and loving it! Soooo nice to focus on 28 minutes only but wow, not easy! As I type this comment, my ass is burning from last night’s session. Good luck and keep us up to date on the progress! I’ll do the same on my! xx

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