Wedding Invites

Hello all!

So wedding planning is coming along nicely! We have just over 5 months to gooooooo!! PRESSURE! Most things are done so its ok. it’s just these random small things that pop up that you just don’t think about. like bread knives. I need bread knives. Suppose that is something i shouldve thought about considering its a picnic wedding. meh. That’s why i have lovely bridesmaids. I am now delegating! errrrrthing!

Anyway, back to the invites. Our invites came out so amazing! And its not because their just mine. Ive been pondering for months and months on what to do for our invites. I knew i definitely wanted something different. I couldn’t decide whether it should be digital, like those really cool stop motion videos, or something that pops up when you open it, or glitter falling out on your recently vacuumed carpet. Too many options! It easily gets narrowed down, however, when you look at what will work best for you. Fiance and I are rather camera shy, so a video probably would not have worked for us. Just as well, because that’s a lot of admin, and when you plan a wedding, you want LESS admin! It all comes down to budget as well, so the more detail and frills the more expensive.

The future sister in law then came beaming down the heavens in rays of sunshine and offered to do our invites for us as a wedding gift! And let me tell you, she did an amazing job.

I went fabric shopping and found the most amazing aztec patterned fabric and took a swatch to her.


the swatch

She came up with the most awesome design, just from the tiniest little swatch. And even better, she had them ready for me in no time!







They all fold up into a little envelope:


They’ve been a real hit with our guests, and I couldn’t be happier with them. Not at all what I thought I would end up with but couldn’t imagine them looking any better. And it suits the wedding so well. Funky and fun!

If you ever want any kind of design work like this, give me a shout and I will gladly give her details!



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