hi all! yes, im still alive. things have just been too hectic at the moment. So, about two weekends ago we decided to take a little last minute trip to the mountains, and go camping with some friends at Injisuthi. This is a real little gem in the central Drakensberg and is just under a 3 hour drive from Durban. The road there can be a little tricky if you don’t have a bakkie boet, but it’s still very much accessible with a little ol polo as well.


our camp

This place really is amazing as you find yourself almost in the heart of the Drakensberg, surrounded by the most amazing scenery and mountains. We arrived the Saturday morning and took a little walk to the river where we had a little swim in the sub-arctic-freezing-waiting-for-polar-bears-water. You know where your legs go numb and you literally can’t feel your body. Fish could be gnawing your skin away and you wouldn’t even notice…yeah. I, however, stayed on the warm banks of the river, and snapped a pic or two. IMG_7203

After all feeling returning to the bodies, we trekked back to our campsite where we started preparing for our dinner, which was a yummy potjie! None of us has ever made one, but am proud to say that we did a pretty splendid job. We did experience some rain, but quickly made a make-shift plan to rescue our potjie!





The next day we went for an amazing 5 hour hike right to the top of one of the mountains. The scenery was just breath taking. We were even able to drink some fresh spring water straight from the river – note: always make sure when you drink water from springs that you drink it from as high as possible, and the water must be flowing! 5 hours seem like a long time, but it’s absolutely worth it! Do take lots of snackies and water though.

IMG_7169 IMG_7183




Later on we took a ‘quick’ drive to our wedding venue as I really wanted to show our friends what it looked like (considering they are part of the wedding – maid of honour and photographer!-). That ended up being a 3 hour drive there and back. bleh. but it was worth it. We received a warm welcome from the owners, as well as a yummy glass of red wine and spent a good hour on the farm. Unfortunately with darkness falling and gates closing we had to rush back and couldn’t enjoy our little packed picnic over the sun setting but there’s always next time.

Of course, i got another spider bite. if anything will attack anyone, it will be me. I do however have a theory that the spider saw my little ladybug tattoo, and thought : “flippit boet check daai sexie cherry” and made a quick stroll over and decided to zap me right on my ankle:


note to spider: not-real-ladybug!!

The weekend went by too quickly but luckily its just a hop skip and a jump away and im pretty sure we will back there sooner rather than later!




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