Proudly SA

hello all!

Sorry for being so quiet! You know, life happens.

So I’ve been wanting to write this little post for a couple of days now, but then I got distracted (as one does) and then this whole xeno-drama happened, so I thought, mmmm, not sure how I feel about everything, let me rather wait. So now it seems that things have calmed down, and I’m feeling happy and positive again, and thought, ok, now is a better time.

There’s a company based in Cape Town called You Biscuit that sell these really awesome posters.


I think it could not have been more appropriate after all this drama that has happened. It’s basically a colouring in poster of all the beautiful things that make us proudly South African. I’ve ordered myself one and am currently busy with it. I plan on framing it and sticking it up in our dining room (we don’t actually have a dining room just yet…but this poster may take a while) With all the drama that has unfolded I think we easily get overwhelmed and negatively influenced, specially by social media, and forget about all the reasons we still choose to live here. Yes, choose. You can move if you want to, it’s not so difficult.

I’ve always loved South Africa and my love has never wavered even with all the drama that’s been happening. But I must admit, this xeno-drama has almost pushed me a bit too far from my love for our country. I’ve lived in another country, and it was awesome and I got to travel and experience amazing things, but it was never ever home. And this poster has just reminded me again, why I love this place and all of it’s quirkiness. And I think we all need a little reminder again.




So, if you are still unsure about your feelings for South Africa, go order yourself a poster. And remind yourself again, why this country is so amazing and beautiful and why we choose to live here, every day, over and over again. Our grass can be greener too.


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