Minimalism Challenge PROGRESS

Last week I posted about the Minimalism Challenge, which is basically about streamlining your life a bit and getting in touch with the simpler things in life.

So I’ve jumped a bit all over the place with my challenge but who cares.

First up was the closet clear out. Now this is a habit we’ve already kind of instilled. The fiance and I often clear out our cupboards and we donate it to the little children’s home, around the corner from us. It’s quite amusing how between the last time we cleared out our cupboards and now, a bunch of old yucky clothing found its way back into our cupboards and I wonder why we didn’t throw it out in the first place??


bag of goodies

Secondly, is the TV one. Now, our TV is pretty much off all the time. We don’t even have DSTV. We hardly ever watch any TV. The only programs we watch is the weather bit on the news, isidingo (don’t hate bitches) and Survivor. That’s literally all. And I don’t mean, we don’t watch TV but spend our weekends and evenings in bed watching series. Nope, we don’t even watch series. Breaking Bad? Game of Thrones?? No idea. Having said that, it does kind of lead to us spending a lot of time on the internet. So it’s not really like we are any better off. But I’m working on it.

Which brings me to the next one – no social media until lunch time: I managed to pull this off until dinner time. I will admit it was a bit tricky when I was sitting on the couch, bored out of my mind. But I managed to not click on that instagram or facebook button once until bed time. And you don’t really miss it. Once I went onto facebook again I just realised how little I was missing out on. But that’s a post for another day.

Then there’s the bare-face one. Now, I pretty much don’t wear make up every single day of my life. I just don’t see the point. Not even to work. It just can’t be good for your skin to be lathering it with make up every single day. Of course there’s the high quality expensive make up which is probably good for you, but personally, I like to keep my face as close to the basics as possible. I do love making myself all pretty when I go out on a dinner date with the fiance but that’s once in a while. But mostly it’s just a little mascara and some blush to make my pasty cheeks look a little more vibrant.

Next I tackled the clearing out your junk drawer.


the drawers


why do i have so many false lashes?

There wasn’t really so much junk in there, but more super random stuff.






And then, the junk to be thrown out:


Hope you all trying out some of the minimalism challenges! It’s fun to challenge yourself every now and again and you also quickly realise what creatures of habits we are! They say it takes 21 days for a new habit to kick in. That’s not really a long time. So go out there and challenge yourself!


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