Bridal Fair

This weekend was the Daily News’s Bridal Fair at The Square Boutique hotel in Umhlanga. I was rather impressed with this hotel. Now, being a bride, going to bridal fairs can be a huge help when it comes to planning. In my mind, this is the type of event you go to, to find vendors, inspiration etc. This is where I want to see trends! Whats happening in the wedding world of 2015. Of course Pinterest is full of trends and ideas, but sometimes you just want to keep it local and see what’s on offer in sunny SA.

We got to the venue and got handed a goodie bag. Excellent! In my world, goodie bags are the BEST way to start any event. Goodie bags at funerals. Someone get on that…

But this was a trick…Enter the archway-made-from-all-the-organza-in-the-world! This should have been my first warning…When I entered the room I had no idea in which direction to go. There was no clear path direction. This may seem silly, but when all the stalls kinda look the same, you need some direction. Every single stall had the same set up – a wedding table. With all the bling bling a Bollywood movie could dream of. It was the same set up you would’ve seen 5 years ago. And it was mainly just decor stuff. You can easily find these things on the internet. And none of the stalls had something unique to show me. Tables, chandeliers, candelabras, pearls and tea cups. Same old stuff.  I was rather disappointed. I wanted to see trends! Forward thinking. What’s new out there. But got faced with the same thing, over and over again. With my dress, I need a specific kind of bra. Surely this would be the place to find such things. Nothing. Not even wedding dresses? Nothing for grooms either.

There was, however, a photobooth where we could strut our stuff and take a couple of pictures to take home. That was fun. And then there was a friendly lady called Anne, who was very helpful and managed to grab our attention and have us telling her about my whole wedding and what we plan and what products she had that I was looking for. And she seemed to have loved my wedding concept and was very enthusiastic. Then again, who tells a bride her wedding sounds shit and lives to tell the tale….nobody. And then there was the lady with the cupcakes. I can’t remember what she was selling. Did I mention she had cupcakes?

So for my first bridal fair as a bride (yes, I may have gone to bridal fairs as a non-bride. What’s the problem here?) I was rather disappointed and uninspired. People of the wedding-vendor-world…get on that shit! Please.


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