Berg Trip

Happy Tuesday everyone!

So we have returned safe n sound from our lovely trip in the berg this weekend. Aah man there is just nothing quite like the Drakensberg. Friday was a bit manic to get everything done. In true Tenille style, we left everything to be done on Friday (ALL the shopping and ALL the packing and ALL the baking of the snacks. yeah, I even squeezed that in).  We only managed to leave at 2pm. Luckily its only a 3 hour drive (EXACTLY 3 hours! I counted), so we were there in no time.


Road Trip!

When we arrived we had a quick catch up coffee with the owner of The Berghouse Cottages. Not to mention the delicious homemade rusks. That’s how they roll. It was a welcome treat after the long drive.

We stayed in the Thandanani cottage. It’s one of four two-sleeper cottages on the farm. It was just the best. The nice thing about this place is that all the cottages are sparsely situated, so you don’t really notice your neighbour.


cant complain waking up to a view like this



Thandanani Cottage

We had some nice chilly weather, which I was very happy about!

Saturday morning we went for a nice ride along the various trails on the farm. It was a lot tougher than I expected and quickly moved over to the dark side and had had enough of the deep burn in the legs. It only ended up being about 6km that we rode but I honestly thought we were in the middle of nowhere. I didn’t realise the farm I could see was the same farm we were staying on and was convinced we had trotted onto someone else’s farm. We were, however, very lucky to see an Eland. Eland is one of the biggest antelope in the world…the world people…that’s a bit buck.



The happy stage








The rest of the afternoon we just kind of lazied around. We had an appointment with our Reverend for the wedding later that day (the whole reason we made this trip), so had some time to kill.

We took a stroll around the farm and just had to take a selfie with Frosty – the resident shetland pony. In fact, there are quite a few of these adorable little ponies prancing around.


Frosty looks a bit demonic though…


so tiny!

We took a drive to The Tower of Pizza for some deeeelicious cheese cake and coffee. We took a look at some of the other available accommodation for our wedding to see how far they are from the venue etc etc. and am happy to report that this place is only 4km away! Bargain. After we had some cheesecake and snooped around we thought we would just take the drive to Bergville and wait to meet with the Reverend. Oh and did we wait. We were a good hour early! Let’s just say if you had to drive through Bergville, and blink, you would miss it. So there wasn’t all that much to keep us busy with for the next hour.



death by boredom

Anyway, that meeting went very well and we are on the right track to make all this marriage stuff legal! Yay!

On the drive back, we had the most beautiful sunset waiting for us.



We quickly packed a little snack bag and grabbed some wine and headed up to the view point. We enjoyed some delicious cheese and wine whilst the sun was setting. If anything, this alone makes a visit to this place worth it.


Beautiful sunset


this will be our view when we are saying or vows! you guuuyyyss.




We stayed up there until the sun went down and that crispy coldness came sneaking in. We hurried back to the cottage before it became too dark to see where we were going. We were lucky for a brief moment to experience the beautiful stars that you can only find in the berg.We even tried downloading a quick star gazing app on our phone to try and identify the stars. That didn’t work. I then quickly ran inside, grabbed a couple of towels and blankets and we quickly sprawled ourselves onto the lawn to enjoy the starry view even more. But first…Let me take a selfie….


attempt one…


attempt two…we got a finger!


attempt three….success!

The stars didn’t last long so we grabbed our stuff and made ourselves warm and cozy in bed.

If ever you are looking for a little break away to just relax and reflect, you MUST go to this place!! It is amazing.


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