Busy times

Hello everyone!

Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet but life is MANIC! I’ve been soooo busy at work. You know when you just go into auto-pilot mode and you leave work for the day and you have no idea what just happened. Yeah, I’m having one of those.

But anyhoo, so I had quite the busy busy weekend. Friday, the fiance and I decided we didn’t feel like going home to watch our regular Isidingo soapie (that shit is good ok, don’t judge) so instead we went for a few drinks at Spiggies new side bar. What a beautiful space! Its completely different to the usual Spiggies vibe with its modern rustic face brick (I kept calling it brickface..hahaha. i find that a lot funnier than it actually is) look and outside area with hanging planters. Its an awesome modern space and perfect to hire out for birthdays, or any kind of function. And their cocktails are super yum!

Saturday I had my bridesmaids over again for a bit of wedding crafting. It turned out to be a cold rainy day so it was PERFECT conditions!


the beautiful maid of honour


need more beer!


no child labour here!

It was quite the successful day with 39 pillows done and dusted. Only a gazillion more to go!

Sunday the fiance ran his first marathon. It was a grueling experience but I’m very proud of him for finishing! (he’s entered the comrades, FYI)

Monday night it was back to wedding dress sewing. My poor mother had a few panic moments and freak out sessions as she had no idea what was going on. Not the ideal situation for wedding dress making! But calm was restored and all was back on track.



So that’s it for my quick recap-touch-base-im-still-alive-update!

huggies xx


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