Look at mah face!

That’s the face of a pro runner! Gah haha not! That’s the face of an unfit human barely managing a 5km run!


Since I met the fiancé, I picked up an impressive 12kg….I know….so now that we are getting married, I WILL lose all unwanted 12kgs again! So this regime has included 3-4 runs a week and whatever I can squeeze in between, like weights or a little bit of yoga. Our eating habits have changed drastically as well. It’s not actually all that difficult to lose weight…it’s just shit! I want to be a skinny bitch on pizza and wine dammit! Clearly that’s too much to ask…

Anyway, up to date I have lost 3.5kg….woohoo! Here’s to the next 8.5kg fat wobbles!

Now to reward myself with a glass of wine…


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