Hello world!

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Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog. This is my first post, ever, so please go easy on me.

Ive always wanted to start a blog and in the last couple of months that little voice just got louder and louder, so I finally looked into it and here I am! The main reason is that I am always busy getting up to something. Whether it’s crafting and making stuff, experiencing new things, going on new adventures, there’s just always something, and I’ve always wanted to be able to share that. Currently I am planning my wedding (YAY for weddings!) and would love to share that journey on some platform so that I one day I can read back on that time that I nearly wanted to kill every person around me, or fell inlove with all the sequin and glitter of the lands!

Another reason is also due to my lack of memory and thought what a great way to document my life.

So you can expect lots of photos and adventures and just general randomness. I do hope you enjoy them!

Until next time….




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